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THQ and Fun with the Bratz Game :)

I got to see the Bratz Game in action today- pretty cool! (first posted on BW Yahoo)

This was pretty darn cool!  Its going to be hard to have to wait for October when its due out but its a GREAT game.  I got to hang out with the cool folks of THQ today and for about an hour we talked about the game and it was demonstrated and played and I even made a suggestion for it and they were like "great idea!" so we'll see if it shows up!  Yes its still being added to and tweaked and they said the developers always add in special stuff no one knows about until its out. Remember too that contest in the UK someone gets to record their voice for use in the game and meet the designers.  I don't think that happened yet because the voices I heard used were not all the final ones but they mentioned that they were hearing familar ones with the voices they knew were going to be used so some were done or close to it.

Since we had all wondered who that lady was- the older lady we have seen in screen shots is named Miss Pink, the mean owner of the magazine "Pink" (what else!) that Jade gets fired from.  There are also two meanies called the Twievils (or is it Twevils?? LOL) Two evil mean teen Twins that look like Miss Pink (blonde hair in buns) that are hired at the same mag and get Jade fired.  One you will see always has a band-aid on her nose since she always gets plastic surgery LOL.  They are not characters you can use in the game but they'll be there and will talk to you when you encounter them. 

Thats the same story with the Boyz- they are not characters for play but will be around and will interact with you when you approach them.  There will not be any Petz (that they know of) but there was a cute squirrel I saw!  He was boinging around this park area with a fountain and trees and stuff.  I didn't see other creatures but who knows as you go along plus who knows what might be added!

The characters are not un-named Bratz you create tho, they are the four main girls, Sasha, Cloe Yasmin and Jade with Jade being the somewhat lead girl since the story revolves around her..  So she gets fired and they throw her a party to comfort her and decide to start their own magazine with their own ideas and creations and split up the responsibilites.  Along the way they also start their band and will take off to London.  So you will be going along with them as they do the tasks that need to be done to get their magazine launched and the stuff to be done for it- plus as you go along there is also band stuff to do.. its pretty cool you begin to feel like you really are getting a lot of cool stuff accomplished.  I know there was a mention of the band being undercover for something but its not that way now (who knows what may have been discussed at some point and then changed as you can see lots we thought was going to be the game has changed like the characters being ones you make up) .

Of course always available is shopping and collecting your personal tokens and bling thats lying about and thats your money for all your STUFF you want.  You will be spending and earning too as you accomplish tasks and shopping in the mall.  You will love how even tho its the four main Bratz you will have your girl looking like no one else's guaranteed because of all your make-up, accessories and fashions and shoes..  Your character will stay that way for the whole game unless you change her. Things are in themes like the Bratz use and the one thats really obvious here is the Treasures look and theme.  But you can mix and match pieces from other themes as you go along to higher levels.  The make-up is even in themes and of course when I saw the "Midnight Dance" make-up theme I said "Oh lets go there!" but it was locked because some stuff you only get access to when you have accomplished certain tasks.

Of course the ultimate level and reward is the band and flying off to adventure.  The sound track was the Bratz CD and they were not sure yet if it would have tracks on it not on the CD but who knows!  At that time you could access almost every song since every song on the CD will be in the game.

Some of the things done that I watched were making your own t-shirt designs that the Bratz could then wear, making posters for the band that you could put up around town (yes some smaller tasks can be done/played around with pretty early on after they get their magazine office set up).  It was so cute- they have clips from the DVD in there.  We were joking about the office set-up because you see them painting and climbing ladders in this wrecky looking space (a rat runs by! :) ) and then the DVD clips roll and pretty quickly its this amazing space with computers and huge posters of the Bratz its really great looking so its like- um where did That money come from?  Allowance and Bratz-dadz and momz most likely LOL  It was cute, hey its supposed to be fun.  No one wants to see them on packing boxes in a shack right? There are a few questions I asked that they are getting the answers for so I'lll let you know all that cool stuff when I know it.

Its so cool that they were all real Bratz fans one of them his daughter collects Bratz too and spoke very knowingly about hiding the Bratz you want in shelves in store so you can come back for it!  We talked about how cool you guys were on Bratz World and all the amazing creative stuff you do like the custom work and re-rooting and Joseph's foot modifications!  The THQ people have done a great job- their designs of the mall and the Bratz rooms and the offices and shops (even sky and trees and just things you pass by) are really great.  You'll want to move in!  Its also made where even if you just want to hang around doing different fashions and make-up you can.

There are little challenges that pop up that are very much like something from America's next Top Model- the one I saw was a posing challenge that you had to memorize the ones you did and then do them again when its called out as fast as you can.  You earn Bling for that too.  Its also just so much fun to watch.  We did do some joking in the game about- "Okay so she can't pull out a machine gun right now right?" and once when Cloe was stuck at a door we were laughing "Karate kick it open!"  They don't do those things but in the posing challenge they can kick and move really well so hmmmm I wonder.. *wink*

When I left there I was pretty happy with what I saw and know you guys are going to love the game. LOL they gave me a bag with Champagne and a cigar and a very awesome looking bottle opener that looks like something out of Star Wars.  THQ likes to hang with a major party crowd so their gifts matched ! I saw bits and stuff from all of their games but it was pretty cool we were in a big room with a large screen TV and it was just all about the Bratz!  THQ rocks!

I am going to give the handmade cigar to my sweetie's dad and maybe we'lll crack open that champagne later.  You'll love the game!  I am sure when people go "missing" sometime in October we'll know they are off in their own Bratz World!  If I remember other things I may have forgotten here I'll post them.  Sorry if anything is mispelled or something I am kinda going fast to hopefully remember everything!!

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